Are we all foreigners

@wantsummerback: @davidwharper46 when I learned to drive? Are we even foreigners in our own bodies? Just passing through? Foreigner wasn’t a bad band?

From Twitter March 2012. The month i turn 49.

During a church conversation I was inspired by the concept that we are all foreigners. The bible teaches us to leave our fathers and our mothers. We find space to sleep and eat. We get comfortable. Enter a home location into our gps. But what is home? What is foreign. If you stay long enough does it get comfortable. Do you make it home? Does it become less foreign?

Have you gone camping in a tent? There is comfort in the light of the fire. In friends near to hug. The sound of a guitar. Marshmallows and chocolate.
Graham wafers.

Do we look at our bodies our faces and ask who are you? What is your name?

Do we group together in like minded colours and clothes. Occupations and interests.

Where are you from? Is a question we ask. Where do you live? Do you have roots?

More questions than answers. I feel a comfort in Calgary that i did not feel in the last 12 months visiting my home town of winnipeg. Living in edmonton. Visiting regina. Being a guest in salmon arm. Touring Yellowknife. But many days i feel like a foreigner in calgary. There are accents. Cowboy boots. Perceptions. Cars. Houses. Skills. Information. Places to explore because we can. In many cultures and countries humans are held hostage. We are free here except for our mortgages and our debts. Our responsibilities.

When do we belong?


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