Dogs interests

For the past 6 weeks I have been walking this dog named Tess.   She really likes to chase rabbits, magpies and the guys van that delivers the globe and mail.    How does she know it is his van?  Today she barked at a grey truck.   Does she really know.   Also today I tried to run with her to catch a bunny rabbit, I guess more of a Jack Rabbit.    I don’t suggest running with a dog on a lease that is chasing a jack rabbit !!!    Looked like something out a Mr Bean movie I suspect.   Cheaper than a treadmill though !!!

My quesitons is where do these types of instincts come from, and why have they been trained out of some dogs.    Do some people wake up every morning with the thougth of chasing rabbits? or other things like profit?   Do these instincts get trained in and trained out?


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