Let’s make the circle bigger

Have you ever walked into an event with a bunch of strangers and wanted to connect.   The most incredible thing happened this weekend.   I walked towards an empty chair in a group of people on the patio at a corporate event and asked if the chair was taken and the person said, yes, but there are lots of chairs, let’s make the circle bigger.   Wonderful.  Almost right out of Margaret Wheately’s teachings in “Finding our way”.

What a great feeling to be included and connected, even if just in a small way.   The only thing in common was working for the same Canadian Corporation, and an employee golf tournament.  Again I say Wow.

Now not every entrance is this easy.   There are closed groups.   But why are they closed?   Is there fear?   What brings people together?  Seems simple when there is a challenge or common purpose.    Golf is funny that way.   You can throw 4 people together with the goal of moving the white ball down the green course and voila, synergy.  Maybe not precision or accuracy or strong results or longest drive or longest putt but a sense of common purpoase.

Very cool.

Thank you to the Parkland Golf Tournament coordinator Steve and to the people who said, let’s make the circle bigger.


One response to this post.

  1. Awesome! Glad you are finding some circles. We miss you in ours! I also like how one common interest can bridge the gap between people from all different walks of life. Dragon boating is like that too. No matter where we came from, who we are, or what we do, we’re all in the same boat. Hope the rest of your weekend is just as awesome.


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