First Aid Kit

A story about a First Aid Kit.  Have you ever taken a first aid course?   They have all this great equipment and tools ready in the class.   Simple thing like some guaze or a sling.   Or a protective mask for giving breaths or doing CPR.   So it was suggested I get a first aid kit for the SUV I’m using to drive all over Edmonton, Edson, Drayton Valley and Whitecourt.   So I found one.   At a Dragon Boat Team fundraiser and Silent Auction.   It is very cool with everthing you need, and comes with a knife.

So now I’m ready, I have 2 Days of First Aid Training, a card that shows I have the training and a First Aid Kit.   Perfect.   Funny comment at the Dragon Boat Fundraiser.   I was excited to bid on the first aid kit.   So I was nicely asking people not to bid on it, and the people I talked to were all accident prone and suggested they would be better suited to having a first aid kit.   They did not bid which was nice.

What is your story about the use of a first aid kit, right place at the right time, or being accident prone?

Also what are your thoughts and what is the definition of “First Aid”?


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  1. Posted by Paul Stapley on July 11, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Two Southerners were having the blue plate special at their favorite watering hole, when they heard an awful choking sound. They turned around to see a lady, a few bar stools down, turning blue from wolfing down a Specialty Burger too fast.
    The first Southerner said to the other, “Think we otta hep?”

    “Yep,” said the second.

    The First Southerner got up and walked over to the lady and asked “Kin yew breathe?”

    She shook her head no.

    “Kin yew speak?” he asked.

    She again shook her head no.

    With that he helped her to her feet, lifted up her skirt and licked her on the butt. She was so shocked that she coughed up the obstruction and began to breathe with great relief.

    The First Southerner turned back to his friend and said, “Funny how that there Hind Lick Maneuver works ever’ time.”


    • Posted by David W Harper on July 11, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      Thanks Paul, that is great.

      The only struggle in based on the Canadian Red Cross course I took in May, the manoeuvre now for choking is called an “J Thrust” as the other name was trademarked !!!!


  2. The company I manage in Delta, British Columbia manufactures first aid kits. These are high-quality and, more importantly, made in Canada – not offshore! Check us out at! Thanks for highlighting the importance of having a first aid kit and taking a first aid course. You’ll never know when you need bot.


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