How we remember…. Harper Creek?

It interests me what we remember from a drive, a city, a person, a conversation…  our memory is selective.   On my recent drives from Edmonton, AB to Grande Prairie I noticed a Creek with my surname, Harper.   So this trip I took a picture…  to help me remember and share with others.

For me this is now a memory of the drive back from GP.   There was lots to see, it is a 5 hour drive.   Lots of trucks and trees and houses.  

What is it that creates a memory for us?  What do you remember from the last time you saw a person?   Do you remember something about the last time, or do you remember a collage of things from your time with that person?   Does a song bring back a memory?   How about a smell?

The mind is amazing at forgetting also.  And then there is perspective.   Did you hear words differently than they were intended, a variation on interpretation.  Were too many words used to explain a topic.   Do we put in our own words?

Seems like people have selective memories.   What is great about a picture is it is worth a thousand words.


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