Trust, is it just a word ?  Or, do we do many things based on Trust?

Have you used a cross walk lately.   You walk out on these white lines and cars stop for you.

How about a green light?   do you look left and right or do you assume that people stop for the red light?

We trust our car brakes.  We trust the McDonalds to give us a $1.00 iced coffee that does not make us sick.   We trust those we sit next to on the airplane, train or bus.   Trust them not to do anything inappropriate.

Trust is built inside a culture.   I have always lived in W. Canada.    There are understood ways to do things.

Trust, a very big subject in this world of ours in 2011.


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  1. Posted by Sparky on June 4, 2011 at 10:16 am

    I suppose in one sense what you say is a form of trust. However, I think what you are talking about is more what I would call a social construct. That is, as a society, we collectively assume things about our behaviour with each other.

    To me, trust is about demonstrating character and competence. I trust you because you have consistently demonstrated integrity – you keep your promises – or because you have consistently delivered results. Compromising on either of those breaks trust – For me, I place much more weight on the question of character but for others, it’s more about seeing results. It’s important to realize that both of these are at play when you are building and maintaining relationships.


  2. Sparky: Those examples are, indeed, examples of social construct. But we do trust that others within the construct will adhere to the rules – spoken and unspoken.
    Good thoughts.


  3. Posted by David W Harper on June 4, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks for commenting Carrie, Sparky (Ken) and Kim.

    I consider myself very trusting. I give stuff and trust that it will come back. I did not grow up with that teaching. I was taught to not lend a chain saw, because once it came back damaged. Not mine.

    What is the relationship part of trust. Or is trust the guts of relationships. When I knock on the door, why do we let some people in and not others?

    Why would I stop for a hitchiker? Why would someone have the guts to hitch hike?

    Do we qualify our trust by staying in our own culture?

    I would love to see more posts.


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