The next run

A day of skiing at SilverStar.   Wonderful snow, blue sky, great people.   And fondue.   As we made our way around the mountain in search of “untracked” beauty, our energy and muscles showed signs of tiring.   My goal of this post is to capture a concept of, give it all you have got right now, this is the next run of the rest of your life.   Contrast for a moment with “The Last Run”.   This is a syndrome that many down hill skiers will know in that if you say “Last Run” in your mind or to your friend, in many undocumented cases you fall or hurt yourself in some way. 

Now many of you know I am a big Seth Godin fan.   His book Tribes is titled, “We need you to lead us”.   It is the afternoon of the ski day, the 9 am starting group of 7 ranging from 8 to 70 years old has turned into the group of 4 with 3 skiers and a snow boarder.   All very competitive in their personality types.  A great tribe to explore the backside of SilverStar on this glorious day.  So the 12 year snowboarder, my son Mitch, says on the lift, “TWM”.  Now this is not some texting jargon, it is a double black diamond run, Three Wise Men.  We went last year once, but my brother-in-law had not been down and he is the greatest skiier.

So this is “The next run”.  In downhill skiing you get to choose where you are going to go continuously.   You get on a lift, you get off a lift, you look at signs go down trails, choose the middle right side left side.    There is powder around in the trees, the side of a groomed run has corduroy.   you choose to carve turn go straight stop and rest.   You can race or enjoy the scenery.   Freedom abounds.   But there is one thing that is a given once you start going down.   If you turn onto a run like Three Wise Men, you are committed.   It is way too much effort to walk back up hill, and why just push thru make some turns, get down the run.    Celebrate the journey, tick off another run on the ski hill.    There are many ski hills to adventure and conquer.   So the four of us are making our way down this double black diamond run.   See my other POST on run identification.    Then over the trees, and these are thick trees are these guys snow boarding.   Impossible, but they are doing it.    And then one guy shouts out, what is on the other side of that jump.   Answer, tree stumps.   So he whips out of the trees and take this 10 foot jump, missed the stumps, lands and turns on.   No fear.  He was making that run the best it could be.

So in the end we all made it down Three Wise Men…    thank you SilverStar for the challenge, God for the snow this week in the Okanagan, and the people.   Thanks Mitch who choose to lead, is good on him.    One last funny story.    My legs were hurting’ on the final run, the true last run, because in downhill skiing there is technically a last run because they close the lifts, but is “The next run” of the rest of your life.   Tired legs, I take the green trail, down to the Power Chair lift, slowly.    In doing this slowly, I venture over to the right side of the groomed run and behold, “Untracked groomed corduroy”, so I left my mark, even slide into some powder on this run.  

The world is ours to explore.    Find some untracked powder, mountains to climb, relationships to enter.   Stories to tell.

Quote from Seth Godin’s book Tribes, p. 146, “Every tribe is different.  Every leader is different.  the very nature of leadership is that you’re not doing what’s been done before.  If you were, you’d be following, not leading.  All I can hope for is that you’ll make a choice.   Every leader I’ve ever met has made the choice, and they’ve been glad they did”


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