Phone Plans in Canada, who is the best?

I’m on Rogers with my blackberry and it has been a painful 4 months with them without a contract.    What should one do next?    Why are they so focussed on having people on contracts?    I was such a fan of Clearnet in 1997..   oh yah Telus bought them…

I have been checking out Koodo…  

Leave me some comments on what you like best about your plan, cost, special features, US coverage etc.

Isn’t it great to have tons of competition?    Does it really keep prices down?   I think it does, but are we still restricted by regulations?   I wonder how much of the overall talking happens for free over Skype?

So I stopped in to see a Koodo sales person…   she was a KOODO Sales Specialist and was really good at promoting, being an advocate for and enthusiastic about KOODO products and services.   Very well trained,   I suspect she had ownership over the kiosk to increase sales and create memorable experiences for consumers.    What will her next career be?

A call to Rogers is next  for me….    I guess if they were following my blog, they would call me before they have lost another customer.    When the big fall, they fall hard.


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