Next blog…

Every since my first link to a blog (e-blogger) a number of years back i am still attracted to the “Next blog” button at the top.

Have you tried it?

Click to Carrie Harper’s e-blogger, then right at the top click “Next Blog”, who do you get?   Is it the same next time?  Does each blogger have a virtual neighbour?

So many questions about Blogs…   I personally like Word Press, the see was Ken.    He is a leadership guru.


One response to this post.

  1. I used to have a Blogger blog and I took that bar off the top of my blog because of the unpredictability of that ‘next’ button. Some of the blogs on Blogger are not appropriate for business and they are not all PG either. I didn’t want my family or clients stumbling upon undesirable content, so I removed the option.


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