As you really are

I have been asked to do a job interview with DECO windshield repair on Skype.   In setting this up I was looking at the Logitech HD Webcam C510 box and noticed the phrase in relation to communicating in fluid HD 720p…  “your people will see you as you really are”.    Some of you reading this probably see your self in the mirror or that neat little screen that Skype shows you  while you are video phoning.

We have really entered the future.

At the October 28, 2010 session of the Okanagan Institute gathering at the Bohemian Cafe in Kelowna BC, Don Gaten, author spoke on his creative literature inspired locally in the Okanagan.   As he was finished telling part of his story, reading from his books and what inspired his award-winning books, a man in the back asked a question.  “What is it with the baby boomers and telling their story?  Why do we have the selfish and desperate need to document what we have seen or accomplished or some wisdom.”    Don answered with a quote around a “Tierney of experienced reality”   He challenged the group to write a historical novel about someone that we knew nothing about.  This was based on a story Don had read when a man described a beached whale.   It was a powerful narrative but Don was sure that the man had not been there, he only wrote from his mind’s eye from what he had read or had seen on our various 2000 media.    Then Don said something else that was inspiring, as there are very few local Okanagan literary genius’, he said, “it is the local writers job to collect local stories and capture them in a creative way, giving them back to the community”.   It sounds like Don’s next book is inspired by the great lengths of Highway 97 which he has travelled in many ways like hitchiking and driving.

Wow, what an inspiring evening.   If you have not been down at the Boh on a thursday night, go, it is definitely food for the brain.   A chance to see others for who they really are.   And ask the odd question if you are up to it.   If you are up to the stark reality of the answer or some cross talk from the audience !!!

Then after a quick soup at Fresh – Health Cafe on Bernard I was inspired to apply for Art Grant money for my wife Carrie and The Pear Workshop.   Walter Quan of the British Columbia Arts Council came to Kelowna from Victoria to tell a group of Artists that the money for art is back in the budget !!!    Over $16 million, but act fast the deadline for project submissions in Nov 15, 2010.  

And in a small way a funded an artist, I purchased Don  Gaten’s book thinking my father in law would like to read it, “Okanagan Odyssey

As you really are….   what do our friends and kids think when they look at us in the present moment.   Do they see you as you really are?


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