Bloggin’ Okanagan conference Notes

On Sunday Sept 26, 2010 Carrie and I attended Bloggin’ Okanagan, a mini conference at the Kelowna Art Gallery.   This was the day my Blog hit zero (0) readers.   Great day to go to a conference.   It was a panel of 5 woman, Kerry Taylor at  .   Kerry had 1 million hits one day !!!!   She also was found by her blog and published a book.   And Susan Knight Radio voice, Lori and Lisa at and  Cherie Hansom at and hosted by Lori-Anne Poirier 

Great panel questions for the panel like target audience info, niche targets for your blog.    “blogging is like talking”.    blogging is Freedom of expression.  A great point about syndicated news rooms is that do “Fact” Checks.   Why are blogs popular?  New ways to fit into the current economic climate.   Help us make new kinds of emotional connections.    A hobby to write about what you enjoy.   How and why has your blog changed from the start until now?   Blog changed now that it is earning money.  Check Responsibility to all ages with large readership and hire or having an editor stage.  Had to add a warning to restrict age.  Moved from using the blog as marketing to making a statement about religion.

Lots of fun and great networking.   Some of the blogs of the people attending will be posted on a link at    And they ran a prize and we looked under our seats to find a Pear and I won !!!!    A book NEXUS, Histories and Communities.   An Art History book from the Kelowna Art Gallery.   Very cool to win.


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  1. It was great to meet you, David, and I’m glad to hear you got something positive from the experience – thanks for sharing! Hope to see you next year =)


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