Starting up

The idea for this post comes from the Rogers Guide when you get a new phone, they have a “Starting Up Guide”.   All those first steps one should do to get moving with the new and amazing and ever changing wireless smart phone.   If you are going to comment on this post, I would suggest comments on learnings from starting up new things, small tips that will increase the adoption of something for a person just starting up.

So what is it like to “Start up” a Dragon Boat? or a SailBoat?   Each of these is running on a form of Free Energy, call it Breakthrough power.   The Paddle and the wind driven sail are not new to our knowledge, and by no means are they free in that you just step onto a Dragon Boat or a Race Sail Boat and off you go.   Somewhere, someone has to make an investment, and set out a process and a system for someone to step in and “start up”.   Oh yah, and the cost of insurance, that is another blog post !!!…   Now of course, for a trial, a test, an easy way to first experience you can step onto a Dragon Boat or a Sail Boat.   See if it is for you.   You can do this with a Wake Board behind a friend or relatives boat, this easy first test, but I will warn you on the wake board, “Be prepared to take a SMACK”.   And when you get the smack, be prespared to grab the tow rope and get right back on the wake, it is worth it.  For most in the boat watching new people wake board it is a teaching opportunity.   And as I learn more and more those who enjoy teaching get their pay back from a student who has small successes with the new adventure and continues to pursue it.

So here’s a good one, “starting up” a relationship.   In the last month being unemployed I have met many new people, and not just from the town of Kelowna, BC where I am out and about.   Some from South Africa, some from Toronto, some from Calgary, some from Saskatchewan, some from the UK.   It seems many from the UK, but  it may just be from my chance meeting opportunities or where I hang out that I have this perception.

So lately with my new yellow business card, “Moving with Intent”, this is the way I have been starting new relationships.   It seems easy and painless.   It provides the other person some info on me, related to at this point what I’m looking for in new employement, “Leadership, Project Management and Business Development”.    These are mostly conversation starters.   And then the conversation either begins or ends.   The card is there for reference and brings the person back to this blog, if they need to explore.  And then maybe a blog post comment or a further encounter out in the world of Kelowna BC.

Starting up new employement, now that is a big topic.   It seems to begin in 2 ways when one is unemployed, one is a job posting in the newspaper or internet.   Or the second way someone has a job, a hidden job, and it is communicated via word of month and various other forms of “network” type communciation to various businesses who role is to “recruit”.   And then the person looking for skills to help their company finds the people who have the skills to help their company.   Seems simple at the core.   And in a balanced supply and demand market place, it is simple.   A person I know went from being unemployed thru restructuring at one company, noticed a new opportunity 3 weeks later after termination and within a week was employeed.   Easy.

“Starting up a New Business”…   another big topic, many have succeeded, a local organization Community Futures runs Entrepreneurial Workshops to assist people and add process to a start up, check out this 24 page resource  for the Self Employment Assessement

In all these examples one needs to begin “Moving with Intent”.   As most know I like the Dragon Boat Examples.   Seems simple, and it is a water sport, and I love the water.  So please bear with the words here, only trial can do it justice.  Also spending time with medal winning dragon boaters and dragon boat teams and coaches.  You have this boat, sitting in the water with 22 people, 20 paddlers a drummer at the front and a steerer, at the back.   Dead Stop.   Waiting.   In a practice the boat is alone, in a race there are other boats, strategically, moving to the start line.   In a race there is a starter boat.   Their role is to line the boats up nose to nose with the start line and have the race start as fairly as possble.   So remember the Dead Stop.   And did you do some math on the weight sitting in the boat?  So as the boats align, the starter says, “Paddlers Ready”, “Attention Please” and then a horn.   So you are the paddler, the piston of the 20 cycliner engine, the horn is the equivalent of “GO”.   Start paddling and get this boat moving.   Lift it out of the water.  Now the key to Dragon Boating, which I suspect is the key to a big business, a small business, a large orchestra, a 4 piece bank, is timing.  One person just doing their own thing on a dragon boat is not efficient.  So the paddler is instructed to “Look up the boat” as far as you can see.  In row one are the Strokes.   They are interconnected with the drummer for pace.  Hope you are still with me, this would be easier if everyone 14-80 years old in Kelowna would give it a try, form a team, practice, practice, practice and go to 3 festivals per year around BC.  What I have written here cannot begin to decribe the energy and excitement that comes after starting up the boat with a 6, 12 ready and reach with power and then paddling to the finish, neck and neck with 20 paddlers right next to you doing the same thing.   Now the next biggest thing after timing, is “Focus in the boat”, the only thing controllable for that 2 minutes 25 seconds or so on 500 m is you paddling.   Deep, timed with the strokes that are clean.   What I mean by clean, I’m not really sure, but if you catch your paddle on a wave of water on the way forward you will come to understand what I mean.    So as we “Start Up” a Dragon Boat, we begin with the end in mind of a strong finish, a gold medal.   Timing is everthing, Focus in the boat.

There is much more to these “Starting up” stories, if you have one put in a comment on this blog post or stop me on the street and share it.


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