Break Through Power at the Bohemian Cafe

As has now become my summer Thursday night habit on the way to Dragon Boating practice, I attended with 2 other CBD Network Clients an author book signing thru the night at Bohemian Café.   Highly recommend these sessions that are being put on, if you can fit them in.   Easy for me right now when I’m not working.

 You may have read or met her, Jeane Manning with “Breakthrough Power”…   How quantum leap new energy investments can transform our world.    Big stuff, for those who have millions of course.   I got her book, on Sale, and signed !!!!   Feel free to borrow it, once I have a read.   She directed us to the Appendix for a really neat idea.

 Her web site, if you want your own copy of he book is:    and she has a blog going at

 Jeane Manning is a Vancouver BC resident and it looks like she has started a couple of new energy movements one in Portland and something called New Energy Movement Canada.

I would say these Thursdays at the Bohemian Cafe at $2 is the cheapest high tech, controversial lectures I’ve been to lately !!!!

 My goal is to keep coming back if time allows.

If you have time next week the talk is a bunch of new writers spending 5 minutes reading their words at the open mike.


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