Where do you learn about new stuff? #Kelowna

I have been learning and studying Twitter since June 2009 and am still amazed when I ask people if they use Hastag Kelowna, and they say what is that?

I guess first some people call it the pound sign…   #, I learned about it from someone from the UK, seems to be different words for different things in different countries, doesn’t there.   Like Bonjour means Hello???   Oh yah we have a few different languages in the world and the standard english language seems to be evolving also.

Last night there was a commercial building fire in Kelowna and my wife, known on twitter as @thepear1 tweeted, “crazy world, we learned about a fire in our small city Kelowna while lying in bed with our computers”   This was hyper local for us, because we know people who have offices near where the fire was and our daughter was out at the Centre of Gravity event.   No time to wait for traditional media like TV or newspaper.

But you needed to know where to look and as we have all grown up, we select those established places to get our news.  My wife’s tweet got retweeted by @kendraart.   Now I know these people, met them first in person before on Twitter.  How do we each decide who we listen to as our world is changing.


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