Renew Regularly: University of Kelowna

As of June 23, 2010 I have enrolled in the University of Kelowna.  Never heard of it, well you are right it does not exist as an accredited learning institution.  It is really a city of people, government and businesses.  But mostly people.   And people as great teachers and great coaches.

What I want to describe in this post as an overview and subsequent posts in the same Category, “University  of Kelowna” is the depth of learning that can be found in the City of Kelowna.

It seems quite simple, we live in Kelowna, so it is very conceivable that as we live we are being taught.   Stephen Covey teaches on “Renew Regularly in the Four Dimensions”

Physical…   exercise, nutrition, rest, stress management:  example have a fresh raspberry and yogurt breakfast and go up Knox Mountain

Social / Emotional …   consistent deposits in the EBA (emotional bank account) of key relationships:  example is to interact with family and friends at work, on the beach, in a coffee shop.

Mental …  Reading, writing, learning, study   example:  have a book on the go (always fun selecting one that a Kelownaite is reading), try something new like Lego or painting.

Spiritual …   Service, values clarification, inspiring literature, meditation, nature   example:  work with other people you don’t know on a common task or sit and watch the moon.

There are many suggestions to renew oneself, the little trick appears to be consistency and that we get our suggestions on what to do next from reputable sources.

This is a big topic, the “University of Kelowna”.  I think on the mental dimension I have  been inspired lately by a group of people I have not met yet.   One of the Summer Classes I “signed” up for has been put on by The Okanagan Institute     Basically I have attended 3 1.5 hour presentations and open forum, town hall discussions on the Sun, Water and Art in Kelowna.  They are amazing interactions, no webinar would capture the depth of passion shared both by the presenters and by the attendees.   The attendees seem to also be “students” of the University of Kelowna.   People with a keen interest in learning and growing both themselves and the community of Kelowna.   There are many venues like this, I suspect I have just scratched the surface of what can be learned in Kelowna.   Just try a Kelowna Chamber or DownTown Business association after hours and start a conversation about new learnings this month and people are excited to share.   And there are many other non traditional, I mean obvious, educational venues to take classes.    ORIC, CBD Network, Tours, Churches, small groups of people who are together in tribes, festivals, events, meetings, Streaming Cafe….    the list goes on and on.   All you need to do is open up #Kelowna in Twitter and go where others are, as long as it fits your values.


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