Sun, Full Moon, Flat lake, VO2 MAX !!!

After a full week of not getting back to the VO2 Max work out in the park, I jumped out of bed at 5 am, drove down to Ciy Park and voila…   Boot Camp with CarlyMitchell.   The Sun was coming up, the moon was full and going down and amazing the lake was flat.   Not 12 hours ago the dragon boat steers fought with huge wind waves, boat waves.   The wind makes a big difference on the lake.  I guess that is why people sail on Okanagan Lake.   The work out was awesome and I just want to share a couple of what I would call leadership and motivational  lines.    Have you ever found when someone has asked to do something hard you have some questions in your mind.    Think of that right now, like someone says, “Hey, can you go do a sprint triathalon”.    The question I’m thinkin you are thinkin is, “Why don’t you?”  Well the motivational line I heard today was on something simplier, but it was, “If I can do it, you can do it”.    WOW, now that is leadership and motivation…   Way to go Carly.    Another great morning and after over a year of working out 3 to 4 times per week, I learned the huge sustainability question that anyone who has got fit or lost weight or changed a habit comes up against.   We have to keep coming back or all that work snaps back like a rubber band, like a helium balloon let go by a small child, it floats away on his.   KEEP COMING BACK !!!!!

The other goals that work for me are staying ready to Dragon Boat Paddle, or go for a mountain bike or mow the lawn or wakeboard or slalom ski.   With a 12 year old who appears very competitive, I need to stay in shape to keep up to him.    Now some people have goals like I need to fit into a wedding dress or I need to hit my target weight or I want to run an Ultraman.    This last one is crazy isn’t it??????    But if you watch this YouTube Video people do it…   Click for Video   It is 9 minutes long, and I would love if you commented on your reaction / response.   What hit me is that the human body, properly trained, can go 500 plus km in 3 days.   Amazing.   All of us, all 6 billion of us can do ANYTHING.


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