How does a boat tip over? Or is it Why?

Just read a great quote, “I’ve noticed that the one’s who do the most…. are not in the habit of boasting about it…..   If one side of a boat gets too far up, out of the water, it’s liable to tip over.  Building myself up and stumbling and falling go together, one leads to the other.”

This sounds like How and Why a boat tips over…

In Dragon Boating, if you want to get vivid memories from people ask them about when a boat went over.  Now as a steerer of 1 season, all you have to do is have the 20 paddlers lean out and the boat is effectively very wide, and if you get some people to brace the boat with paddle out, well, you just doubled the width of the boat.  So it makes sense now How a boat goes over…   just when we are dealing with a country or a company or a team or a family where the boat is about to tip over, one has to ask very seriously, Why?  And then once you have got thru the 5 Why’s of problem resolution follow the old saying, “Not why but how…”


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