Move with Intent Relay Team Game Plan

As an update on the Results posted on the web site     15 th place out of 34 teams with a time of 1:56:35.    Way to go Chris, Clinton and Phil !!!!!!

On March 13, 2010  Chris and David did a 5 km walk / run in 55 minutes.   This included a stop at Tim Hortons.   This was training for the Campus to Campus Relay on March 28, 2010.

If you see post this please post your  time in the assigned segment.   We will target 40 minutes for 5 km.   This will put “Move with Intent” with a 21.1 km time of 158 minutes.   Sound good?

Game Plan as at March 22, 2010:

Relay transition stations are at the following locations.   The first game plan is to use these stations to stage each person.    This will make drop off for the driver easier.

DAVID Starts race:
1. The Sails Fountain – 4.5 Km      Hands the book to CHRIS for a 7.6 km distance to

2. Corner of Crowley Ave. and Ethel St. – 8.1 Km   
3. Entrance to Sutherland Park on Ellis St. near Central Ave. – 12.1 Km  

CHRIS hands book to CLINTON to run 4.5 km.
4. Entrance to Strathcona Park at Abbott St. and Stratcone Ave.. – 16.6 Km 


5.  PHIL BRINGS HOME THE GOLD FOR 4.5 KM finishing at 21.1 km

 Let’s add some target times that match your training.


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