Know when to fold ’em

So I had $10 American left over from November.   I put it in my wallet and in my last few hours in Las Vegas I decided to put it into a slot machine.   I have been in Las Vegas 4 times for Trade Shows in the last 2 years and have not played once.

Within 2 minutes I had $25 in the machine.   I called Carlo and it sounded like it was time to cash out.    I kept  playing.

Within 1 minute there was $0 in the  machine.    While I’ve been here I heard that President Obama said that we N. Americans should not spend our hard earned money in Las Vegas.   We should be saving for our kids education.    I don’t know if this quote is accurate, but Obama was in Las Vegas today.   I did not go to see him as Security is high…   and I’m “Leaving Las Vegas”.

Without my $10.


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