“The Age of Stupid” Climate Change documentary

By chance we attended the first night of the SustainAbility Film Fest at UBC-Okanagan Campus.  Check out on the web at REEL Change.

The first film was, “The Age of Stupid”.   Wow, the 6 Billion of us on Planet Earth have really set out on a tough road.  I was impacted by the Shell employee, geologist, who lived in New Orleans.   For those who don’t know a couple of years ago after seeing “Inconvenient Truth” with Al Gore, we saw him speak in person to 15,000 or so Architects at the American Institute of Architects convention.   I returned home from that talk very excited about Solar Power, but with many things, did not get our family onto Solar Power, at least directly.

A lady, a mom, spoke at the intro to this film, “The age of Stupid” She reviewed a list of small things that we could all do that in a small way would help of Planet Earth.   I did not take any notes, but one was bring a mug to the coffee shop and our own bags to the grocery store.

Part of the story line was the trials and tribulations of a Wind Farm developer and the pain he was experiencing from common people who seemed all for less environmentally harmful power, but not in my back yard, due to the aestectics, the way it would look in their view.  Now right now we live with a view of some horses and trees, it is nice but not sustainable.   We had lived for years where we looked at other houses.   Many people with condos look at other condos.   What I guess is tough is with land ownership people get rights that can fit a city developer or a country or a state.

Unfortunately for me seeing this type of film that portrays so many of our collective decisions, it is hard to see how we can all change.  One place portrayed in the movie that really uses a big carbon foot print is air travel.

Looking to watch”H2Oil” which is on the Tarsands Oil Production & Pollution.   I suspect this will be impactful for me as I worked in the oil business for 16 years and got what looks like the once in a lifetime chance to Tour the mining and refinery in Fort McMurray.   Memories are funny, as most will comment everything was big there, the trucks, the tires, the refinery.  But we never got to see the “Beach” the place they put the sand after the oil is extracted.  Not part of the tour.

Unfortunately we in W. Canada really on crude oil.   And bummer, we could walk to these films from our house, but there is private property in the way, so we will drive using up more of the non renewable resource.


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