2 million minutes, a movie

2 million minutes, a movie

Carrie and I watched this movie with a case study on 2 American Gr 12 students, 2 from India and 2 from China.   Being an engineer by degree this movie resonated with me as both India and China are really focusing their system of eduction to churn out engineers and math experts.   Lots of stats in the movie like the US ranking 24 in the world for standardized math testing.   Canada was 4th or 6th….     Panel was neat a UBC math teacher, the Superintendent of SD 23 and a recent graduate of UBC O in Education who spent 3 months teaching in China.

It would appear that N America needs education reform or innovation and creativing in new design will be eclipsed by India and China.   Not a new knowledge but one that will take many years to fix.   The motivation in India and China appears to be financial.   Are we too comfortable in N. America?    Having been to China, it is definately a machine set up to rule the world.


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