Triathalon Training for David Harper

kal rats

Beginning with the end in Mind:   KAL RATS Triathlon June 2010

750m swim, PACE  50 m per 1.25 minutes, 20 minutes

Transition:  5 minutes

18.5k bike,  PACE 18.5 km per hour, 60 minutes

Transition:  5 minutes

5k run, PACE 9 km per hour,  40 minutes

Total David Harper Time estimate as of November 2009:    153 minutes,   2 hour 33 minutes

Total David Harper Time estimate revision as of January 2010:  125 Minutes.  (Still based on NO full pilot of Swim, Bike, Run together)


November 8, 2009   Swam 30 @ 25 m lengths at Athens pool, in 3 segments.   Swam 3 test times of 50 m lengths less then 1 minute each.

November 9th, 2009  Spin Class, 20 minutes on the bike, who knows how fast and far we go !!!!!   And it was an aerobics class, who knows how high my heart rate went !!!!   And also, I tried running on the tread mill at 5 Km / hr and it seemed OK.   I did not go very far.

November 10th:  Spin Class, 30 minutes on the bike and various band stretches.

November 11th a Holiday, Remembrance Day:  iQuest 4.37 km on the Tread Mill in 60 minutes.  This was what I will call a “Move”.   So I have now sort of swam, spin biked, and moved with intent to a Sprint Triathlon.  Good small experiments on the PACE.   at 39 minutes into the “Move” there was some clarity.  Turn this into a game, use last years Kal Rats placed people and begin to run my own races and see where I place.   Games are more fun then coming to the realization that you are on a treadmill at a Club for 60 minutes.   The other funny idea was this one thread mill faces the mirror and I could see myself running.  At one point I thought, Hey I’m going to run towards that guy, he’s pretty fit, never got there, then I noticed it was me.  Is that clarity or some of the insane thinking games that numbs the pain?   I leave that for the marathoners to comment on.  Oh yah, for a 3 minutes period somewhere in the middle I ran at 6 km/hr.   ADD SOME TENSION !!!!   UPDATE AS OF LATE DECEMBER 2009, IT IS BELIEVED THIS TREADMILL IS IN MILES.  SO THERE IS A CHANCE I WAS RUNNING AT OVER 8 KM PER HOUR.

Nov 12:  iQuest for 15 minute spin class and “Balls and Bosu” core class.

Nov 16:  iQuest 1 hour excercise class with spin bike.

Nov 17:  iQuest 1 hour exercise class with spin bike.

Nov 18:  iQuest 1 hour exercise class with spin bike.

Nov 19:  iQuest 1 hour exercise class with spin bike.

Nov 20:  iQuest 1 hour exercise class with spin bike.  Did this with Pete Y.   Watch the tea and coffee with caffeine before a spin class !!!!   And this makes a week with 5 days of morning work out.

Nov 21:  Big White Downhill skiing with Mitch and Chloe.  Skied from 9:30 to 2:30.   Time for lunch of course.  My quads hurt.  Carrie’s thought is that I’m fatigued.   Oh well, they call this training for a reason.

Nov 23:  iQuest 1 hour exercise class with spin bike.

December 2009:  Did 4 to 5 days per week at iQuest.  1.5 DAYS OVER CHRISTMAS / NEW YEARS BREAK.  7 Days Downhill Skiing at SilverStar.

January 2, 2010:  Swam 750 m in or around 20 minutes, mix of front crawl and breast stroke.  Practiced breathing both sides.

January 5 – 9:  iQuest 1 hour work out per day.   Skied 2 days at SilverStar

January 12 – 15.   iQuest 1 hour workouts and 1 day did a 1 mile interval walk / run for 15 minutes.

iQuest benchmark of Fitness Level on January 22, 2010.    A series of repetition tests like squats, arm curls, rowing motions, wall sit, push ups, sit ups, a cross with arms out holding weights, how long can you hold a plank.   Very fun and weighed in at 200 lbs.

January 29, 2010   A big day, had a coffee and got on the Treadmill for over 5 km.  So for the record 5 km, 40 minutes.   Average speed was 4.5 mph, and I ran as fast as 6 mph for a couple of minutes at a time with a heart beat in the Peak Performance category for my age and weight at 170 beats per minute.   Big milestone for me.    Next is 5 km on asphalt.

Event Training Log


750 m  swim at H2O or Rutland
Jump on the bikes for 18.5 km
Run  the 5 km on Tread mill or elliptical

March 2010    Ran 4.5 km Relay Race in OC Campus to Campus event

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010  will be the Kal Rats Tri

August 2010   Some mention of a Tri in Kelowna?


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