Renew Regularly in the Four Dimensions

Have you ever been called a 1 Dimensional or 2 Dimensional person?  I now see what that might be referring to.

As a reference for this post, in my “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Signature Program brown and black course book on p. 140 are the four dimension circles.  Physical, Social / Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  First time I saw it I thought that is a pretty simple model, seems to capture most things in one’s life.   And it has an overlap, the  sweet spot of life.  Then the Stephen Covey team do a cool thing they have a visual scale for the participants to mark how well you were doing on each dimension.  Now for those of you who know me and knew me in the early 90’s know that I love surveys, both qualitative and quantitative statistics.  So they provided a 7 point open scale what went from Excellent to Poor.   This would be a benchmark and for me the little x’s I put down bench marked me back in May 2009.  While we are now 5 months later, a good time to check in on my renewal.  In Search of Excellence…   now that is a book from the past….

Here’s a chance for you to POST if you are reading this typing.  How do YOU check in on your renewal?   Phone lines are open now….  and the beauty of blogging, at perpetuity.  We all just have to check back with David Harper’s insights blog.

So I have gone looking on Google Images for he 4 circles image for the four dimensions.  Thought the visual would help you get something from this LONG winded post.  Of course it did not come up with the 4 circles but I came up with a colorful 3 circles.   Also this is the first test of inserting an image in Word Press.   Here we go….

3 cirles

Now we need to reference this to a Tim Ferrass, (link) Looks like he has a book that dovetails with 7 Habits book and Getting things done, which I believe I am reading also.   Never a shortage of content and books to read on Life !!!!

Where I was going with this post was noting that the Four Dimensions are powerful if renewed in balance.  Good to check in every so often probably every 6 months to rate how we feel we are doing on each dimension.  And spend some focussed time exploring our worlds and writing down the things we will do, our habits, on a consistenty basis to develop each of the four dimensions.   You can comment again here, how do you spend that focussed time?   Do go out to a shack in the woods for a week with only your thoughts, a pen and fluids?  (no not a monster energy drink or a supply of mochas)

In May 2009 I wrote down and shared with the people around at the time, the 3 day class, the following, then after that the “….”   I provide a short summary of where I am, where I think I am at in Nov 2009.   You can always comment here to if you want to give some third part feedback, always good to check in with others how I think I’m doing.  The best test on the Physical dimension is to sign up for a Triathlon….  then we will know, qualitatively.

Physical:  Walk every morning for 30 minutes…   Since August I have done 1 hour of an excersie class at iQuest 4 times per week.

Social / Emotional:  Weekly one on one time with Carrie, Chloe and Mitchell…  Carrie and I got out for a coffee November 7th.

Mental Dimension:  Journal…    I started a written journal for that information only I need to see, and if you have read this far and scanned many other posts on Word Press, I usually post 2-3 blog posts per week.

Spiritual Dimension:  This is the tough one for me in 2009, the question on this one is, “Assume you have a year to live.  What legacy would you want to leave?”  I had written down Community Service with a small group.  I was to organize a few others and volunteer my time with a commitment to serve in my community….    As  I sit I and write this, the idea that had been in my head in May 2009 was that I would call the (KGM) Kelowna Gospel Mission and set up a date / time to go down and volunteer there.  I have not done this yet, I thought it would be easy to do as I have been once before, albeit organized by another person.  I guess I was felt I was going to bring some men from my Friday small group.  So why no action on this?  Did I make the next step too big, involve too many people?  I guess under this topic we have had 4 monthly lunch time meetings with some FormaShape people around he 7 Habits.  This could be something…     Also I have made contact with the Marketing Coordinator for the KGM on the Bikeathon in May 2010.  The idea with this is making other businesses in Kelowna aware of this great fundraiser so the FormaShape team has some competition in 2010 !!!!

So to end this LONG story, the Paradigm we are working on with the Renewal perspective is moving from the ineffective where focus only on getting the golden eggs to the EFFECTIVE: I nurture the goose that lays the golden eggs.   And in my case that would be me.  We need my heart beating, making deposits in key relationships, reading, and providing service.  Seems pretty simple, right, if we lived in a bubble !!!!!!!!

And lets end with the quote from p. 287 of the 7 Habits book,

“Sometimes when I consider what tremedous consequences come from little things ….  I am tempted to think…   there are no little things”  Bruce Barton

Who is he you ask?  Appears he is the man nobody knows…. So much for quotes….


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