The Empty Park Bench

Last night, as our Dragon Boat Team left our meeting place due to rough water, I noticed that once everyone had moved on, the park bench we gather around was empty.

The goal is to meet twice per week at a specific time, sign in, warm up, get in the boat and train.  A storm had come up which brought up the wind and possibility of lighting.  So it was decided not to go out, safer.  Now you have 20 people who were psyched up to paddle, training for the Big Kelowna Festival.  So some of the team moved on to one of the Team sponsors, the pub.

I was the last to leave the bench.  There was only one paddle leaning against the tree.  What had been a lively group of people, talking, remembering, planning was now an empty park bench.  It looks like 100% of the time, people move on.  And some lower % of the time people follow to the next location.

We as humans gather, around a park bench, in a box, with a fox, sorry I meant in a boat, at a pub, in an office, around a table, in a church.  And we gather with friends on FaceBook, contacts in Linked In, follow on Twitter.   We gather, interact and share our journey, always learning, advancing.

I want to say thanks to the world for teams, and those who are bold enough to ask people to join teams.  Enjoying a common focus is so strong, so inclusive.  And to always have room for another, another seat, another space, another bench.

There is no looking back, teams move forward.  There is abundance.


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