Detach from the outcome

This week I felt I worked hard to bring people out to what I considered were worthwhile events.   My wife Carrie’s art opening, Dragon Boating and a lunch time 7 Habits session…  At the best event of the week, the wine was great at $4, (not that I had any but others enjoyed it) the Art was incredibly great and the people were over the top magnificent.  I have blog topics for weeks now….   Now I have been told to “Detach from the outcome”….    this is hard….  I always wonder if there was more I could have done at the time.    I picked up the stick of finding big strong men for the Red Hot Chilli Paddlers Dragon Boat Team to increase our paddle power for the Sept 19 Kelowna Festival, and I became emotionally involved when the one night I miss the team forfits a practice.   Something I have learned in the last year is that physically I cannot be in 2 places at the same time.   And I need to be proactive and put first things first.   First things first was enjoying an incredible opening at my wife’s art opening of “burned out”.   So many great people showed up, it was fantastic.   And what was even more incredible which I think is how word of mouth works in marketing, is that one person who came out to enjoy the display of art works, told others how great the show was.  Spectactular.   He explained what a great event it was, the depth of the paintings capturing the 2003 fire, and that the show is open all of August for private viewing.   Some people may not like to socialize at an Art Gallery?   There’s a concept…

Carrie Harper on the web.   If you are in this segment of the population you can view online, and even follow Carrie Harper on Twitter.

But for me, all I can do, is all I can do is enough and now “Detach from the outcome”.   I guess if you don’t detach you get “burned out”.


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  1. Awww, you are so incredibly supportive and I think it’s wonderful that you were at Carrie’s artshow opening. I wish I could have been there too.


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