Faces – Thought (Do I know you?)

We see people every day.  We see them and we call them by name, like in the TV show Cheers, “NORM!!!”.  “Where everybody knows your name”

Our name when heard (stimulus), pause, response (morning), and maybe a thought or some work to recognize this Face that has used our identity, name.

Well what if you are with one person you know and need to introduce them to another person you know.   Seems simple right, no pressure, we all know that a person’s name is the sweetest sound in the whole world. (reference Dale Carnegie in How to win friends and influence people).  OK…   got the situation?   Ever been there?   You look at a person’s face who you have maybe met a few times or you have known them for awhile and you blank on their name.  You have introduced others around you to the new person, so you know your brain is somehow working but this other name is not showing up on the minds “screen”.  Where’s my blackberry with that mobile facebook app when I need it.  Oh no that would not help, this person is not on FaceBook.   You can ask Why? at that point but usually we have but a small space to introduce someone, a tight timeline.   And our desire, our deep desire is to make a good impression.

So what to do?   I was on a plane recently and had the rare opportunity to hear about Silpada, fine silver jewelry, http://www.mysilpada.com.   A lady from N. California whose father had taught her a neat technique if you are caught in the above situation.   I’m going to let you know you have to practice this technique for it to work for you, on Thursday, as I had not practiced it, I did not use it, and ran the risk of offending the person I was introducing.   Here it is…   “I’m sorry I have forgotten your name? Robin.  Oh no I remembered your first name, it was your last name I forgot.  So Robin, please meet David….   What do you think?   Does this make the other person sincerely feel important?  Let’s remember an other person’s name is the sweetest sound in the whole world.  How do you feel when someone you feel you know and trust forgets your name in an important situation?

I would love to get some comments on this one.

Why I am writing about this relates to p. 104 of the Dale Carnegie book, “How to win friends and influence people”.   A simple way to make a good first impression is to smile which is principle 2, but principle 3 is titled, “If you don’t do this, you are headed for trouble”.   Most people have this book on the shelf, but might have forgotten you have it.   The internet does that to us, doesn’t it!!!!

Please comment as we are not all Jim Farley who put Franklin D. Roosevelt in as president who as Dale Carnegie writes could call 50,000 people by their first names.   Imaging how many friends he would have on FaceBook !!!!    But this exerpt is useful as we all struggle in build relationships in a busy world, and relationships are the key to advancing whatever it is we are doing, be it family, friends, work, leisure, sports teams, you name it relationships are the key.

What is your system for remembering names.   For some it is we meet someone new, find out their name and some facts about him or her and work to remember it.   Not all our brains work like that, but I’ve noticed this will get you to positions like coach and President.

So let’s end the post with the correct reference to Dale Carnegie (I went and got the book to test my memory from 1987), “Principle 3:  Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”.

Thought out of the momemt, but when everybody knows our name we can each be comfortable and operate at our best.


One response to this post.

  1. What a great way to “remember” names! I absolutely hate myself when I forget a name and scramble in those few seconds to recover to no avail… Thanks!


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